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5. Economic Factors

This series of papers is designed to provide insight into the economic factors and financial requirements for the long-term management of used nuclear fuel.


5-1 An Examination of Economic Regions and the Nuclear Fuel Waste Management Act



Richard Kuhn, University of Guelph; Brenda Murphy, Wilfred Laurier University
Overview of the economic regions as defined in the NFWA, in relation to radioactive waste management in Canada.




5-2 Status of Financing Systems for High-level Radioactive Waste Management (HLRWM)



GF Energy, LLC
Status report on current financing systems in selected countries, for the future safe management of spent nuclear fuel.




5-3 Considerations for the Economic Assessment of Approaches to the Long-Term Management of High-Level Nuclear Waste



Charles River Associates
This background paper provides a summary description of some analytical tools that may be useful in conducting an economic assessment of approaches to the long-term management of high-level nuclear waste and outlines some framework considerations for such economic analyses.  The paper also discusses some uniquely challenging issues and questions that the NWMO faces as it moves forward in considering the economic and financial implications of various waste management options.




5-4 Economic and Financial Aspects of the Long-Term Management of High-Level Nuclear Waste: Issues and Approaches



Charles River Associates Canada Limited
This background paper identifies a range of economic and financial issues that have been raised or addressed as other countries and organizations have approached the long-term management of used nuclear fuel.





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