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Large development projects may be an opportunity to achieve other community goals and objectives if implemented with the long-term vision of the community in mind. At the FCM Sustainable Communities Conference in February 2011, the NWMO sponsored a panel of experts who discussed recent work concerning approaches to community sustainability visioning and fostering community well-being.



Dr. Chris Ling - Dr. Chris Ling explores planning and landscape issues in human environments, particularly the interface between communities and the physical environment. He has a PhD from the University of Manchester in England and has lived in Victoria since 2006.


Mark Podlasly M.PA - Mark Podlasly is co-founder and lead Principal at PPA-Limited.com, an Aboriginal co-venture environmental management consultancy based in Vancouver that specializes in the permitting of large-scale capital projects.


Marvin Stemeroff, M.Sc. (Economics and Business) - Mr. Stemeroff is the National Power Industry Leader for AECOM Environment in Canada. He has expertise in applying sustainable development and business strategy to the development of major projects in Canada.


FCM Sustainable Communities Conference - Part 1

Posted: Mar 31, 2011

Duration: 12 mins 49 secs

Dr. Chris Ling

February 2011

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(12 mins 49 secs)
Dr. Chris Ling February 2011
(19 mins 59 secs)
Mark Podlasly February 2011
(18 mins 13 secs)
Marvin Stemeroff February 2011

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