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Large development projects may be an opportunity to achieve other community goals and objectives if implemented with the long-term vision of the community in mind. At the FCM Sustainable Communities Conference in February 2011, the NWMO sponsored a panel of experts who discussed recent work concerning approaches to community sustainability visioning and fostering community well-being.



Dr. Chris Ling - Dr. Chris Ling explores planning and landscape issues in human environments, particularly the interface between communities and the physical environment. He has a PhD from the University of Manchester in England and has lived in Victoria since 2006.


Mark Podlasly M.PA - Mark Podlasly is co-founder and lead Principal at PPA-Limited.com, an Aboriginal co-venture environmental management consultancy based in Vancouver that specializes in the permitting of large-scale capital projects.


Marvin Stemeroff, M.Sc. (Economics and Business) - Mr. Stemeroff is the National Power Industry Leader for AECOM Environment in Canada. He has expertise in applying sustainable development and business strategy to the development of major projects in Canada.

  • FCM Sustainable Communities Conference - Part 1

    Dr. Chris Ling

    February 2011

    Posted: Mar 31, 2011
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