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In November 2013 the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) completed the first phase of preliminary assessment in collaboration with eight of the 21 communities that expressed interest in learning about Canada’s plan for the safe, long-term management of used nuclear fuel.


Creighton in Saskatchewan, and Ignace, Hornepayne and Schreiber in Ontario, were assessed as having strong potential to meet site selection requirements and have been identified for further study.


The communities of English River First Nation and Pinehouse in Saskatchewan, and Ear Falls and Wawa in Ontario, were not selected for more detailed study.


Findings to date do not confirm suitability of any site, and no community has expressed willingness to host the project at this early point in the site evaluation process. These findings do not affect work ongoing in the 13 other communities that are involved in earlier stages of the process.


With 21 communities exploring potential interest and suitability for hosting the project, the siting process must provide a basis to progressively narrow the focus to communities with strong potential to meet requirements until a single preferred site and area is identified. Those identified to continue for more detailed study appear to have a strong potential for meeting strict safety and geotechnical requirements, and for the project to align with their long-term community vision.


Communities that completed Phase 1 of Preliminary Assessments in 2013 are listed below. Click on each to access their respective assessment reports.


Creighton, Saskatchewan

Ear Falls, Ontario

English River First Nation, Saskatchewan

Hornepayne, Ontario

Ignace, Ontario

Pinehouse, Saskatchewan

Schreiber, Ontario

Wawa, Ontario


Summary of November 2013 Phase 1 Decisions



Recognizing Community Leadership

Preliminary Assessment of Potential Suitability: Eight Phase 1 Assessments Completed

Preliminary Assessment of Potential Suitability: Phase 2 Study and Engagement

APM Geoscientific Review Group



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