One way we ensure our work is based on the best science is by working with leading scientists and experts from universities, in the industry or as part of international research groups. A particular aspect of this work is peer review, where we request independent external experts to review our work.  

Geoscientific Review Group 

The Geoscientific Review Group is composed of five internationally recognized specialists from Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, and Australia. The review group reviews and analyzes the approaches, methods, data, and criteria used to conduct the geoscientific assessments.

Site Selection Review Group 

The Site Selection Review Group is comprised of three internationally respected members from varied professional backgrounds. The group provides independent advice and guidance on the NWMO’s final stocktaking approach, methods and criteria as we prepare for site selection in 2023. The purpose of this group is to ensure the decision-making process is reasonable, comprehensive, credible, and rigorous.

Scientific Journal Reviews

The NWMO regularly undergoes independent peer reviews when publishing technical research results in scientific journals and at conferences. On specific topics, we seek out peer reviews or request state-of-science reviews be prepared by leading experts.