Following release of its Draft Study Report, NWMO will engage in a further period of dialogue to inform preparation of its Study Report.

NWMO is required under Section 12 of the Nuclear Fuel Waste Act to submit a formal study and recommendation to the Minister of Natural Resources Canada by November 15, 2005.

The Final Report will contain the NWMO recommendations and, as required by the Act, will include:

  1. technical descriptions and economic regions for implementation for each management approach considered;
  2. a comparison of the benefits, risks and costs of the approaches considered as well as ethical, social and economic considerations;
  3. funding requirements and an implementation plan for each management approach;
  4. comments of the Advisory Council on the management approaches; and
  5. a summary of comments received by NWMO as a result of consultations on each of the approaches with the general public and aboriginal peoples.