Treichel Judy

A decision on nuclear waste disposal is premature until publicly acceptable decisions are made on generation. How much waste will there be?

If the public favors phase-out of nuclear power but does not get agreement for that to happen, they cannot participate in waste disposal programs because the so-called "solution" to the waste problem is often the reason for continuation and expansion of nuclear power.

Also, no plan can be enacted until there is official and effective participation of public advocacy organizations and people with other opinions on nuclear energy.

I am very familiar with the Yucca Mt. project in Nevada, US. Promises were made to the public and all broken. Now that Yucca Mt. has been approved by the US Congress, an energy bill has been signed authorizing many new nuclear power plants with enabling government subsities. This has ended all trust and confidence in government regarding nuclear matters and the result will be years of litigation and fierce prolonged public opposition. After twenty years and many billions of dollars, there may not be a repository or any progress toward publicly acceptable waste disposal for more than a generation.

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