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When attending the Dialog Session in Toronto I referred to the Standing Committee Report on Radioactive Waste's recommendation asking for a Moratorium on nuclear power plants:

Here is the proper reference: High-Level Radioactive Waste In Canada: THE ELEVENTH HOUR. Report of the Standing Committee on Environment and Forestry, January 1988.

Recommendation 15 reads:

"A moratorium on the construction of nuclear power plants in Canada should be imposed until the people of Canada have agreed on an acceptible solution for the disposal of high-level radioactive waste. Furthermore, the Canadian energy strategy should formulate alternatives that would encourage a reduction in energy consumption and a decrease in stress on the environment from waste created by the various energy-producing techniques."

This Committee recommendation should definitely be included as referred to in the public input section.

There are a number of omissions/mistakes that need to be corrected in your Draft Study Report:

On page 228 all Acts are dated inregard to their enactment except the Nuclear Liability Act which came into force in 1976 and has never been amended!

On page 289 Table A11-1 Nuclear Liability Act is erroneously shown as 1997 enactment, be sure to correct to 1967!

On page 242 3.) Main Hazards different studies are mentioned including BEIR (1990). The latest study of that Committee under the auspices of the National Academy of Sciences released this year with its finding of low-level radiation causing cancer MUST BE MENTIONED.

In Appendix 14 /Acronyms BEIR is mispelled and should be corrected.

Also as a general comment: We are having serious difficulty with the Minister of Natural Resources having the final decision on the method of nuclear waste management. He is in a conflict-of-interest position due to his promotion of the Mining and Resources Industry.

The decision on the Concept the NWMO is putting forward should be shifted to the Minister of the Environment and should be made by a mandatory vote in Parliament.

Thank you for taking accepting these comments/recommendations and including them in the public comment section.

Sincerely, S.(Ziggy) Kleinau, Coordinator, Citizens For Renewable Energy

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