Campbell, James

Just a suggestion for a way to dispose of nuclear waste, although I admit it may be ridiculous: Would it be possible/feasible to load the waste canisters onto rockets and launch them into the sun? The sun is basicaly a giant nuclear reactor anyway, so I imagine the waste material would simply be consumed in that process, seeing as it would be such a minescule amount when compared to the size of the sun. I know it would be incredibly expensive, but if the Long-Term Management fund already sits at $680 million, with annual growth of $110 million (source: Toronto Star) that means that by 2035 there should be roughly $5 billion dollars available, and by 2035 it might be both technilogicaly and finacially feasible to support such an operation. Even if it seems impossible or too much like science-fiction, I think it should at least be considered -- even if that consideration is simply consulting an astronomer and getting his/her opinion on such an endeavour. You never know what may be possible until you try.

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