Tuer, Bill

I respectfully suggest that NWMO investigate the feasibility of using a lunar disposal site for spent nuclear bundles.

Its been 35 years since Neal Armstrong made “One giant step for mankind” when he became the first man to walk on the moon and to date no country has considered lunar commercialization. First reactions might be to dismiss the idea as too costly, but dealing with radioactive waste disposal has been a contentious and costly issue for more than 30 years. Two years ago, Canadian Arrow offered a $10 million prize to the first team of astronauts in the world that would take two 14 minute rocket trips into space. There were 30 applicants willing to privately finance and build a spaceship. In June 2004 SpaceShipOne claimed the prize and even surpassed its goal. For a larger carrot, non governmental space entrepreneurs might be challenged to deliver a spent fuel bundle on the lunar surface and return for a second using the same space craft … If successful, a few of the benefits would be:

- more CANDU reactor sales together with a disposal service.

- less smog from coal/oil fired electricity generators and a healthier environment.

- less dealings with NIMBY anti-nuclear critics.

- more pride for Canadians especially for war veterans like myself.

As for low level radioactive waste disposal, compaction may also allow it to be sent to the moon at an affordable cost.

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