Brenciaglia, Giovanni

I'd like first to commend your outreach effort and express my disappointment with the response you got in my community.

In reviewing your presentations and documents I found the assessment framework very comprehensive. The ranges of the team's assessment included my judgements of the performance of the alternatives in meeting the specific objectives. The weighting factors used by the teams covered the range that I would have used. Therefore, I find the conclusion on the preferred long-term option (deep geological disposal) balanced and persuasive.

Implementing the management plan will necessarily include the storage options and the transport need. In selecting the timing and location of the storage, I would give priority to the following elements:

1. Minimum handling of used fuel through dry storage and transport in the same containers.

2. Select central storage and geological disposal sites as close as possible to each other, using sites that have already been geologically characterized and communally accepted through previous mining activities.

3. Minimize the front end capital expenditures, in order to preserve the funds collected from the users for maximum flexibility in the implementation of the program during the learning period. The period could extend to the seven generations of the aboriginal wisdom!

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