Learning, James G.

I am at present heading up a fledgling organization with the aim to educate Labradorians to the dangers of uranium mining. These proposed mines three in all will be attempting to get in on world markets within the next few years, thus adding to the misery of the already burgeoning uranium storage problems. Our end goal is "No uranium mining in Labrador. thus far we have the perception we live in the last bastion of pristine wilderness. Not really so I'm afraid.

However, we need to build on the pristine in attempt to limit the dirt from spreading directly into our Territorial environment. This will probably be an impossible fight, but fight we intend to.

As for my opinion about nuclear storage. One thing should be perfectly clear, people who allow this material and the nuclear plants unto their soil where ever it is in this country and the world, "should be responsible for storing it directly in their own back yards". The power generated in these plants are not for the whole country, nor is it GREEN, far from it. It is a deadly poison which creates TRITUM, thus poisoning any water systems it comes in contact with. You only have to look at the leukemia stats within the radius of any nuclear facility and the truth reveals itself. Why in the world do we want to create any more cancer victims, especially children? Cancer is the number one killer in the western world.

There will come a time when we will have the materials to contain radiation. It is not here yet,much more research a development must be done to prefect such products, until then we are not ready for Man made Isotopes. We need to stop the deadly game we are playing with this material, in the name of clean energy. It is absolutely not clean, and what is worse uncontainable. How long has the nightmare of spent uranium storage gone on? The answer is far to long an thus far no solution. Spent uranium fuel will out last your hopeful committee by 500,000 years and beyond if uranium use continues. No. very definitely this material must be kept in the back yard of the user, anything else is wrong and unfair to the unsuspecting public who takes no time to see what this material really is. How educated people such as your committee can lower yourselves to even attempt to move this stuff outside of the users domain is callous and uncaring.

Think about what you are saying when you even suggest Aboriginal peoples will be consulted on the ramification of benefits to such communities. First of all the National state of First Nation Peoples is deplorable, then you add your attempt to store this stuff on their lands. Talk about adding misery. Any of your members should be down right ashamed to even contemplate such a devious idea of storing it in any ones back yard.

Let me know if you need any information from Dr Chris Busbee, the worlds leading nuclear independent research and his successful court cases against Nuclear power plant in Great Britain. His work is groundbreaking and enlightening. His credentials are impeccable and long. Mainly they are independent, not uranium industry driven. quite frankly the nuclear people fear this man and his work on the deadly effects of so called low level radiation.

Educate your selves to this his work and then see if you have the stomach for the work you are attempting to do. Not likely, if you are absolutely honest with your selves.

Thanks for the opportunity to express my views, hope you find them helpful.

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