Seitz, Tim

Until we learn how to undo radioactive waste we should not be creating more. The nuclear Industry promised to solve this problem more than 50 years ago.

We are still creating nuclear waste which will outlive our principalities. Our children and their children will be beggared by this growing responsibility.

The amount of waste blown into the biosphere at chernobyl was less than one one hundred thousandth of what we are now storing. So do not try to convey a message that the nuclear waste we are storing is negligible.

We have enough stored to poison the whole planet many times over. Our progeny will suffer far more than our generation will ever benefit.

To create more nuclear waste is unthinkable. Because groundwater permeates the whole lithosphere there is no safe storage place. Nuclear waste will have to be permanetly attended to forever.

My message to you is: Cease creating more of this waste ASAP.

Tim Seitz

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