Buckingham, Darlene

After viewing your materials and presentation the dangers of high level nuclear waste have been whitewashed. The all white cover - small, small title of nuclear waste management organization is clearly showing you are downplaying the dangers of what you are doing. Blue and white is soothing and hiding the fact you are dealing with the most dangerous substance on the planet and that you are putting people and the environment at risk by producing and attempting to bury high level radioactive waste.

All your materials must have a radioactive danger sign and clear indication you are dealing with high level radioactive waste or you are deceiving the Canadian people. If I do not see dangers signs on your material in the future I will write to every paper and magazine in Canada until someone pays attention - unfortunately people are too busy to take notice of the dangers around them. I know - you know. Protect the unsuspecting public and the children. Begin to let everyone know we have a very serious problem and if we do not solve it quickly and stop producing nuclear waste we are putting ourselves and our very way of life at serious risk. You are playing with a substance that harms and destroys life - I do not detect that you understand this or that you are being honest about the harm that high level radioactive waste can do to life. This harms all of us.

Please start telling the REAL truth and how we are playing with life by continuing to use uranium. I demand that radioactive danger signs be on all your materials and that people are dressed in radioactive protective clothing when handling fuel bundles - picking up a fuel bundle as if it is harmless is deceptive. Stop the whitewashing and the deception and let people know what is really going on. To do any less is a irresponsible and reckless behaviour putting life at risk. This has to end NOW. It is outrageous that you present such a dangerous subject in such an innocuous way. This deceptive PR has to stop. We are all going to pay for this whitewashing.

Thank you.

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