Buckingham, Darlene

Where are the radiation danger signs in your videos? What would happen to Stephanie if she was holding a used fuel bundle? Where is the information about what uranium is? What radioactivity is? What uranium does when inside the body? What uranium tailings are? What nuclear waste is? What tritium is? - Why nuclear waste is so dangerous? - Where is the information that would assist the public in making an INFORMED decision? - Why does nuclear waste have to be cooled for 7 to 10 years?- Why is there no place to store nuclear waste now? - What is taking so long if it is so safe?- Why are you drilling down into granite to store nuclear waste if nuclear energy is so clean and green?- Why is the process so complicated and taking so long? - Why do we need nuclear energy when only 15% of the world uses nuclear energy? - Why is renewable energy not being used? -Why is there no place to store nuclear waste after 60 years? Why do you have to find a host community? Why are p! eople not happy to host nuclear waste? Why do you even have to ask if it is so safe and not a problem? Why is there no discussion about weapons grade uranium and the role in nuclear energy and radioactive isotope production. What about discussion about the effect of uranium on the kidneys, lungs. What is radon gas? What would happen if there was an earthquake. What happens after 1,000 years of storage, 10,0000 years, 100,000 years 1 million years? How are you going to monitor this site for hundreds of thousands of years? How are you going to expand the site when more waste is produced? What is going to happen to the nuclear reactors when they reach end of life? What are the disaster scenarios and how are you protecting the public?How are you going to safely transport the nuclear waste?What are the disaster procedures if there is a transportation accident? What insurance costs are there? How long is this going to take and how much is it going to cost? Why is tritium being du! mped into our drinking water. Why are you not telling the WHOL! E STORY? What you have presented is not enough information to make a decision that explains the consequences of accepting this into a community.

Anyone who made a decision based on what you have presented would not know or understand what they are getting themselves into. This must stop and the whole story told. We must get real and find a real solution. When I see Danger signs and the explanation of what uranium is, how nuclear energy produces electricity and what the waste products are and how they put us and the environment at risk I will know we are getting closer to a real solution. This deep geologic repository will never happen as it is a ludicrous proposition. THERE IS NOT ONE FUNCTIONING DEEP GEOLOGIC REPOSITORY IN THE WORLD. You are misleading people to believe this is a solution to a very serious problem. Yucca has been scraped. Every country you mentioned is nowhere near to building a repository. THERE ARE ONLY PROBLEMS. To continue with nuclear energy with such! problems with safely storing nuclear waste is madness. Until we find a solution nuclear energy must be phased out and renewable energy adapted as fast as possible. To find a way to neutralize nuclear waste would be an intelligent use of money and time. To bury nuclear waste will never work and is wasting precious time. Tell the truth and get serious about finding a real solution. Start replacing nuclear energy with renewables and PRAY for a way to neutralize nuclear waste and live in PEACE!

With peace, light and hope, Darlene Buckingham

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