Charles Rhodes

Company: Xylene Power Ltd.

The DGR project, as presently envisaged, is so expensive that in my view it is unlikely to receive political approval. There will always be apparently more pressing priorities for a sum of that magnitude. If the present value of $8 billion is invested at 5% per year, and half of the resulting $400 million per year interest earned is applied to ongoing maintenance and replacement of dry above ground storage, can that storage be maintained indefinitely into the future?

Perhaps the project cost could be significantly reduced through the use of ceramic or glass rather than copper based storage containers. Perhaps the storage container could be made more reliable by evacuating air from a container containing a fuel bundle, and then filling the empty space with an inexpensive low melting point material like sulfur. This material would protect the container from being crushed by external pressure.

I suspect that one container per fuel bundle would be less expensive. Then high volume glass container technology adapted from the food and beverage industry could be applied. The main issue is that the entire process must be made more economical, or it will never happen.


C. Rhodes, P. Eng., Ph.D. Xylene Power Ltd. 

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