Gauthier, Denis

It seems that the NWMO Board chose Saskatchewan as a disposal site with no input from its citizens. Our Premier Mr. Calvert found out this week following his comments, where the people in this province stand on this issue when he stated he would consider such a site. I found it interesting that Calvert stated that his comments were misinterpreted. I find it hard to believe that anyone could misinterpret the premier’s voice stating that he would “consider a nuclear waste facility.” Calvert seemed to be arrogant enough to speak about the subject and then had to attempt to repair his position (because of an onslaught of correspondence and phone calls from outraged citizens) and by placing blame on the media that his comments were misinterpreted. Furthermore he then stated it was unfair for Stephanie Lanagenager(sp?) to ask such a question when he had no time to review the report. If Calvert was ill prepared to speak on the subject as he said then why wouldn’t he say just that. This banter between Calvert and the media is suspicious at best and could be construed as a policy already considered by his caucus.

It was mentioned in the interview that there is a moral responsibility and issue because we mine uranium. I feel that our moral responsibility is to the environment first and last. The communities or other countries that make the choice of using nuclear power must accept the pros and cons! They also must accept that they are responsible for the waste products they are creating and should not expect any other country or provinces that are promoting wind power and small hydro projects to eliminate its coal-fired generators, to be expected to take another countries nuclear waste.

In no other industrial cycle are the companies producing raw materials (from mining iron ore for making of steel products, wood for paper products or even aluminum) to be responsible for disposing the end product. The end user of the end product is responsible for recycling or disposal and must pay for it. If you want all the so called benefits of nuclear generated power then you must bear the responsibility for your own waste.

I was surprised to see representatives for the nuclear energy companies on the NWMO board of directors but no representation for the environment. Only on the advisor committee who are not privileged to attend the “in camera” sessions of the Board meetings have connections to groups concerned for the environment.

Furthermore the idea of targeting first nations communities who suffer to near third world conditions are expected to make life altering decisions which pay high profits now have no information to protect them from potentially devastating their environment. The domino effect following a leaking fuel cell could and would contaminate all the major fresh water supplies here in Saskatchewan, not to mention the Artic Ocean.

I simply can not accept the argument and will never support this initiative.

Denis Gauthier

Regina, Saskatchewan

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