Michael Stephens

Share Your Thoughts on Implementing Adaptive Phased Management 2014 to 2018 - DRAFT FOR PUBLIC REVIEW

It's hard to find any gaps in such a comprehensive approach as APM - except... I do continue to worry that the process is scheduled to take so long that it could well be interrupted if society suffers some major setback that compromises our capability or will to complete the task of getting fuel into a repository (whether we finally eventually decide to seal it up or retrieve it for recycling).

APM makes a key assumption we will be capable over a very long period to complete the basic job whenever we choose. A pandemic that incapacitated half the world's population would put used fuel "on the back burner", possibly for a generation or more.Chronic and worsening fuel (i.e. petroleum) shortages or social unrest due to economic instability are other possibilities.

As well, "long-term management" still seems a vague concept. What (if any) arrangements are proposed to deal with any problems arising after a couple of ice ages?

Perhaps nothing is considered to be necessary, but the reasons should be explained.

I spent 1985-1994 in the CNFWMP at Whiteshell, and these concerns were evident then (even though we didn't explain things well enough to the Review Panel in 1994).

Good luck!

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