Zimmermann, Detlef

I would like to support the submission by Sorin - copied below. In addition if the ground up radioactive material was mixed with the slag of existing uranium mines , we could fill up depleted uranium mines or section of them. These location were low emission radioactive sites to start with.

By putting existing slag with diluted uranium back down the old mines, are we just completing a cycle of returning uranium to its origin. These mines didn't leak into ground water before and contain radiation control elements such as lead. Was this approach ever considered? What is the down side?

The natural gas industry uses old gas fields as storage by pumping gas back down old mines that are tested to not leak to build a distributed gas deployment system. This approach of using old uranium mines is similar in concept.

Looking forward to your reply.

Ted D. Zimmermann - PENG

"Name: Sorin Schwimmer

Dear Madam/Sir,

I would like to advocate again against storing nuclear waste in a centralized repository. A community willing today to host it may want to change its mind, which will be practically impossible. Besides, there is a better, proven way, to deal with radioactive material in a safe way: dilute it. We did not invent radioactive materials (except for some short-lived synthetic elements); all we do is to concentrate ore to be useful for our activity. In the diluted form, in which it occurs naturally, it is harmless. So, I suggest using waste from other mining activity to mix with nuclear waste, and spread the mix over large areas, ideally underground. I hope this helps.

Truly yours, Sorin Schwimmer"

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