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Another questions - How many fuel bundle are there per hockey rink so I know how many fuel bundles there actually are and who calculated how many fuel bundles per hockey rink - is there a running count of fuel bundles every day and where can this be accessed? i.e how many fuel bundles are there in Canada as of May 22, 2009?

Are fuel bundles the only radioactive material to be buried in this DRG?

Do you have another plan if nobody wants to accept a DRG in their community?

Are are you ensuring that everyone in the potential host provinces are aware that a DRG is being planned in their Province - many people do not read , do not have easy access to newspapers, TV, internet?

What % of the people of the host province is considered a majority of acceptance of a DRG in their Province?

As there is a push for nuclear in other provinces - there has been a study of the feasibility of nuclear energy for Saskatchewan - why are they not being considered as a host province?

Als! o there are many uranium mines in Saskatchewan - they benefit from the nuclear industry.

Will there be a route and schedule available of the transportation of these high level radioactive waste through communities?

What if a community does not agree to have high level radioactive waste transported through their community?

What are you going to do to prepare small communites for a nuclear accident disaster? How much are the trucks transporting nuclear waste going to be insured for?

How much is the DRG going to be insured for?

How much is the host community going to be ensured for?

I will post questions as they come to me.

Thank in advance for your answers

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