Buckingham, Darlene

What does it matter if I am female or male - what about if I am human and I will get sick if I ingest or breathe in uranium and will get sick and die if exposed to nuclear waste. I will also get sick if drinking water contaminated by nuclear waste. There is a lot of research on the dangers of ingesting and breathing in uranium at the mining stage, milling and processing stage and at the nuclear energy stage? What are you doing to ensure the safety of the Canadian people exposed to uranium through mining, processing, milling and production of nuclear waste? What are you doing to protect our drinking water and ground water sources from contamination? How do you know the containers are leak proof over a period of 100,000 years 1 million years how about even 100 year? There is already evidence of leaking of radioactive waste in the temporary containers.

There are leaks in Port Hope - Chalk River, Pickering. How are you cleaning up these leaks? How would you clean up ! a leak if it happened in the deep geologic repository? What would happen to Stephanie if she picked up a used fuel bundle? Why are there no radioactive danger signs anywhere on your site or in your videos to acknowledge that you are dealing with radioactivity and chemically toxic uranium? Why does it cost approximately 4 billion dollars per hockey rink of nuclear waste to bury it.?You say there are 6 hockey rinks filled to the top with nuclear waste so that is a little over 4 billion per rink. What is the cost per hockey rink at 2009 prices? What will be the cost be per hockey rink in 2035 when this respository will supposedly be on-line and how many more hockey rinks of waste will there be by this time? What is making the cost per hockey rink so expensive - 4 billion per rink is a very large expense for something that you have claimed is safe.

According to many nuclear energy is clean and safe - why is it so expensive to store the waste? Also what is the 63 million dollar ! 2009 budget of the NWMO going to be spent on? How is it that t! here is no operating deep geologic waste repository in the world when we have had nuclear energy for over 25 years? Where are the nuclear reactors going to be buried when they reach end of life? How are they going to be dismantled and how many hockey rinks will one nuclear reactor fill? Will the tax payers be paying for this on their hydro bill added to the debt we are already paying for built nuclear reactors? Will this be a new tax bill for us the taxpayers to pay to store waste.?Will the tax bill be shared by the host Province or by all Canadians? I would appreciate an answer to all the above questions. Thank you.

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