Buckingham, Darlene

Submission on: Moving Forward Together: Designing the Process for Selecting a Site

December 21, 2008

My greatest concern now with these discussions is that our government will think there is a solution for nuclear waste and go ahead with allowing more open pit uranium mines, processing of uranium, building more nuclear reactors and selling this technology to other countries like China and Saudi Arabia. From your discussion paper it is clear there is not a solution to storing nuclear waste. It is all speculation. There is not one such deep geologic repository site that is successful on the planet at this moment. The whole process is plagued with problems. The time lines involved in this project does not speak to the increasing amounts of nuclear waste accumulating at an accelerating pace. To continue down a nuclear path without a safe way to contain the waste is putting us and the environment at SERIOUS risk - it is no longer a small risk. Every day waste accumulates with no safe way to store it is putting us at risk for leaks and a serious accident. There is no urgency in your discussion or clear that we are putting our water, air and earth at risk every time nuclear waste is created either from uranium tailings, processing of uranium, nuclear waste from reactors and the use of depleted uranium weapons. There is no danger signs on your literature - no people wearing protective clothing or the sense that nuclear waste can kill us. Finding a willing host community that is told the truth about nuclear waste and understands fully and completly what they are agreeing to is unrealistic. The only other way is to force people to accept a waste site as the only way uranium mines, processing and nuclear energy is continuing is through misinformation or force. I will continue to tell people the truth about the dangers of uranium in all the stages of production - it is unconscionable to continue to allow this to happen. Most people do not know the risk they are being put in for an energy we do not truly need. How can we have a vibrant healthy place to life and grow when we are telling lies about uranium? The children and the elderly are the most vulnerable - a measure of a civilizations greatness is how they treat children and the aging. We are harming children and the elderly by continuing to say there is a safe way to live with uranium as a source of energy. It is best left in the ground - in granite where it is naturally found. When you return it to granite it is in a much more dangerous form than when you removed it. Even granite will be unable to protect us and the envirionment. Tell the government that until we deal with the huge problem we have created, all mining for uranium must stop, nuclear processing cease immediately and all nuclear reactors be decommissioned and all funds go to renewable technologies we now have available. To continue with this madness holds us back from creating a renewable sustainable future. To use the words renewable and sustainable to discuss nuclear energy is harming us. Uranium is neither renewable or sustainable. We are leaving a terrible legacy if we continue to walk down this road. Once you know something either your can resist it, deny it or do something about it. Resistance and denial will only dig us deeper with more serious consequences. Its time to acknowledge we have created a very dangerous technology deal with what we have created and walk into a renewable clean healthy vibrant future. Thank you. With peace, light and hope Darlene

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