Buckingham, Darlene

It is far too dangerous to store nuclear waste near the Great Lakes - the source of drinking water for millions. Money for research must be given to bioremediation and find a biological way to deal with nuclear waste. To store nuclear waste is impossible the way you are proposing - we do not have the technology to build an impermeable structure that will last for hundreds of thousands of years.Future generations will have to pay for this storage method. We have a responsibility to future generations to stop right now producing any more nuclear waste until we have a biological solution. To store waste as you have proposed will not stand the test of time. Begin decommissiong of nuclear reactors NOW - spend the money saved on research to find a natural way to neutralize nuclear waste. It is a crime against future generations to store nuclear energy under the earth - it is doomed to fail. Please do not let a nuclear disaster force your hand or subject the future children to a future nuclear disaster. Start now. Thank you.

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