Heath, Warren

The major part of the solution to nuclear waste management and the generation of nuclear power in general is quite clearly the Integral Fast Reactor or IFR. It is stupidity to the extreme to utilize only 1% of the energy content of Uranium and then store the rest away as long term radioactive waste, whereas the IFR will utilize 99% of the energy content of uranium fuel - and burn almost all of the long term radioactive waste, leaving only short term radiactive waste which is inherently unsuitable for weapons applications. The IFR is the ONLY SENSIBLE WAY TO GENERATE NUCLEAR POWER, thermal reactors such as the CANDU are unavoidabley plutonium breeders and inherently produce at least 100x the radioactive waste of the IFR as well as helping to push the uranium price skywards, just as has happened with oil. And additionally the IFR can burn off the bulk of the radioactive waste currently stored and generate 1000's of TeraWatt-Hours of clean Energy.

See: http://www.nationalcenter.org/NPA378.html for the facts.

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