Saunders, John

I Would like to address imput for future final apm ,I am making a formal request and to your attention  and asked to be posted for public review,. Reading as follows. Allocated funds for private land upgrades associated with your direct or indirect project approach, as a private land owner .I would like to address that there is mention of aboriginal and communities and People in the area in your approach but does not include  private land owners in the direct vicinity of your sites, clearly stating as private land owners in any apm,I wish to conclude that the private land owners which also support the project be included in your dialoges being stated as such ’’PRIVATE LAND OWNERS’’ also as you project progresess  in such areas that the n.w.m.o. should offer allocated funds to private landowners around the borehole test area,s and final siting area. During and after continuance no matter of outcome. As this would ease the possible thoughts of impacts/direct and indirect land values or negative outcome resulting in  none upgrades to there lands/ future construction/buildings in fear of market values or marketing there property for sale/dealings with share holders or investors in fear of your project. Leaving private land owners in a negative process during your activities to try to better/maintain there position in life  /resulting in delivering ‘’NEGATIVE’’ output /support from private land owners towards your project, /by allocating funds it would seem to me would position your project in a forward support process, that the support to private land owners during the period be offered allocated funds towards there land/lands for upgrades fencing signs gating, roads .lighting ..This type of support  would help the involvement and support the out come for which ever area chosen, It is well known that the siting process can be withdrawn at anytime this is not the outcome for the best interest of a lagging community or areas involved. There for any investment or allocated funds directed for upgrades would help a powerful process such as your project it would show in good gesture / support of your future endeavors or long term commitments at the early stages which in turn would help achieve your long term goals with support from surrounding private land owners in partnership for the future. Thank you

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