Lake Huron Conservation and Preservation Top of Mind at Coastal Conference

A woman standing in front of a “Healthy Lake Huron” poster.

The NWMO’s Becky Smith enjoyed learning more about coastal conservation and preservation at the “Is the Coast Clear” conference held in Grand Bend, Ont.

Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) representatives attended a recent conference held in Grand Bend, Ont., by the Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation this spring.


The group’s biennial conference provides a forum for environmental professionals and interested members of the public to learn more about issues affecting the coastal health of Lake Huron and the Great Lakes, putting a strong emphasis on networking and brainstorming to find solutions to environmental challenges.


“I have been a resident of Saugeen Shores for most of my life, and I have so many wonderful memories of growing up on Lake Huron,” NWMO Regional Communications Manager for Southern Ontario Becky Smith said after attending the conference.


“The Coastal Centre is doing some great work to preserve, protect, restore, and improve the lake. Its conference was a great opportunity to learn about issues affecting the Great Lakes and how we can help keep them healthy for future generations.”


About 200 delegates from 70 organizations attended sessions that included discussions about water levels in the Great Lakes, how to motivate individuals to get involved in caring for the environment, plastic pollution in the Great Lakes, and the changing ecology of fish communities in Lake Huron and Georgian Bay.


A key requirement of the NWMO’s Adaptive Phased Management program – Canada’s approach for the safe management of used nuclear fuel – is to protect people and the environment, and that includes the Great Lakes and other water sources.