Laurie Swami takes part in the 25th Annual General Assembly of the Métis Nation of Ontario

This photo shows NWMO President and CEO Laurie Swami at the Métis Nation of Ontario Annual General Assembly.

From left to right: Sharon Cadeau, Vice-Chair of the MNO, Laurie Swami, President and CEO of the NWMO, and Theresa Stenlund, Provisional Council of the MNO – Councillor for Region 1, are all smiles as they head out on their canoe trip as part of the MNO’s 25th AGA.

NWMO President and CEO Laurie Swami recently joined more than 400 citizens and guests from across the province at an annual gathering of the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) in Peterborough.


“I was honoured to participate in the 25th Annual General Assembly,” said Ms. Swami. “It is always a delight to join in the celebration of the rich culture and tradition of the Métis people.”


The three-day 25th Annual General Assembly (AGA) focused on Métis rights and self-government, and celebrated the 25th anniversary of the MNO with numerous cultural celebrations and activities taking place throughout the city.


It was also an opportunity to directly hear from and speak with individual MNO citizens throughout the event to provide an update on the NWMO’s engagement, consultation and borehole drilling activities.


At the launch of the AGA, Ms. Swami spoke about the NWMO’s commitment to continuing our work with the MNO to develop an inclusive engagement and a learning process that foster community well-being.


“It is important that we ensure that Canada’s plan for the safe, long-term management of used nuclear fuel is inclusive, respectful and transparent,” added Ms. Swami, who was invited to take part in the traditional voyageur canoe trip with MNO leadership, dignitaries and special guests. The ceremonial canoes honour the spirit of the Métis ancestors who paddled along waterways and watersheds for the fur trade.


The celebration continued with a concert by award-winning Métis singer/songwriter Amanda Rheaume, who rocked the park with the MNO’s theme song “We Aspire,” based on the organization’s Statement of Prime Purpose.


For more information on the MNO, please visit its website.