NWMO Statement on the Toronto Star Article

I read with interest Thomas Walkom's column published in the Toronto Star on March 25th 2021, "Ontario communities are divided over allowing burial of radioactive waste in exchange for cash."
I would like to ensure your readers have an accurate characterization of our relationship with potential host communities. 
We support the communities taking leadership in advancing this project by covering the costs associated with participating. As good corporate citizens we also contribute to community well-being and invest in skills development, education and capacity-building. 
The project will only proceed in an area with informed, willing hosts. The people in municipalities and Indigenous communities in close proximity need to understand what it means to host the project and agree to have it located there. 
The project is safe, in line with international best practice, and will generate stable jobs, community investment and long-term opportunity for many generations. 
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Laurie Swami
President and CEO, Nuclear Waste Management Organization