We are committed to ensuring that the long-term well-being of interested communities and the area is fostered through their participation in the project. This includes potentially affected First Nation and Métis communities and municipalities in the area.

The site selection process encourages shared planning to ensure that community and area needs and expectations are understood, and if possible, addressed in the design of implementation plans. It is important to develop a detailed understanding of project benefits, opportunities to work together, and how potentially negative effects can be managed, while understanding the project’s potential to align with local priorities, objectives, and aspirations.

Detailed study continues in Phase 2 Preliminary Assessments. The goal is to understand specific contributions the project would make to area well-being, the social and economic pressures that might occur, and what advance planning is required to address these pressures.

Assessments were conducted by expert third-party firms working as a consortium to conduct the studies.

Study Areas

The site selection process requires that the initiative to enter the process, and to move from one step to the next, must come from communities interested in learning more about the project.
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Areas No Longer Being Studied

The following areas were engaged in the site selection process. They are no longer being studied.
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