The communities of Blind River and Elliot Lake initiated their area's involvement in the site selection process by formally expressing interest in learning about the project in 2012. The neighbouring communities of The North Shore and Spanish also expressed interest at that time. With the involvement of these communities, we are reaching out to other communities in the area to be involved in the process.

The project will only move forward in any area with interested communities, First Nation, Métis and surrounding communities, working together to implement it. We are committed to respecting the Aboriginal rights and treaties of Aboriginal peoples. We also recognize there may be unresolved claims between Aboriginal communities and the Crown to be taken into account in relation to a proposed site.

Preliminary Assessments (Step 3: Phase 2) are now underway in this area. As new information becomes available, we publish updates about what we’ve done, what we’re doing, and future steps.

News and Activities

Community Liaison Committees (CLCs)

Community liaison committees act as a resource for communities involved in the site selection process. Set up by municipal councils, independent of the NWMO and comprised of residents from the area, these working groups help community members learn more about Canada’s plan for managing used nuclear fuel, and reflect on interest in hosting the project in the area. You can visit the committees' websites to learn more.

Blind River Community Liaison Committee

Elliot Lake Community Liaison Committee