Citizens For Renewable Energy

On behalf of the members and directors of CFRE these comments are provided:

There is no way this highly-irradiated waste can be safely managed.To deposit spent nuclear fuel in any kind of deep rock formation is irresponsible as computer concepts cannot predict future social and climate changes.

There will always be detrimental effects on the environment and human health!

The only way to deal with the existing waste is to keep it as safely contained as possible where it presently is.

Transportation would add even more adherent risks.

There will have to be a quick phase-out of nuclear power generation to limit the amount of waste to be dealt with - no refurbishing, retrofits or new reactors!!

We don't see this whole public survey by the NWMO as a valid way to forward a decision. Many people have no access to the internet, outreach by the NWMO was very poor as can be seen by the numbers of people responding. A quarter million people across Canada - that would only be a small fraction of the population of Ontario for instance! There has been no special effort made to involve young people,school age, who will be carrying the whole burden,environmentally and financially, of trying to manage this deadly waste as safe as possible during their lifetime.

We will not accept any decision of the NWMO on the four approaches to the waste management as legitimate since the 3-year public consultation was flawed,WE HEREBY ASK FOR A FULL INDEPENDENT ENVIRONMENTAL PANEL ASSESSMENT WITH THEIR FINDING BEING PRESENTED TO THE MINISTER OF THE ENVIRONMENT AND A SUBSEQUENT FREE VOTE DECISION BY PARLIAMENT!

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