Schwimmer, Sorin

I stumbled over the brochure "Understanding the Choices" about a month ago, by chance, in Pickering's City Hall. After reading it I was left with the feeling that there is an unexplored option, and I'll like to present it here.

As long as substances are kept diluted, they usually are harmless. That's why uranium found in nature is harmless. That's why, also, we cannot se it before a process of concentrating it (same for any other mineral, radioactive or not).

Therefore, a safe way of disposing of the radioactive waste will be to dillute it and spread it so. For dillution I suggest mixing with rocks and earth resulted from other mining entreprises. For spreading - on a as large surface as possible, to the maximum economically feasable depth.

Advantages: radioactivity reduced to harmless level, similar to what occurs naturaly; no need to ensure any sort of security against misapropriation and unauthorized use of radioactive material; no hassle for future generations on how to deal with a radioactive inheritance. Disadvantage: future generation, which might be able to use what we call today waste, won't have it available - they'll have to extract and concentrate again radioactive substances.

Hopefully it's not too late to add one more option into the debate.


Sorin Schwimmer

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