Lockhart, James

I am glad to know that the NWMO exists and you are involving the community in your research. I submit to you my thoughts on a solution for nuclear waste disposal:

I don't believe we should even entertain the idea of throwing nuclear waste away. Whatever we do with it will only be temporary, until it eats out of whatever we place it in.

The real answer should be obvious. It must be neutralized. There is a solution that is simple and available now. There are micro organisms we already know about that can devour these active substances, and make them harmless. They need to be researched and developed to increase their number and efficiency, and let them eat our waste.

As a concerned citizen, I demand that this research be complete, and that the process begin!

Micro organisms are small and easy to transport and grow. This is the only real solution we currently have available, because putting it in the ground is NOT an option.

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