Mcivor, Alastair

Nuclear waste management is not an issue. It is not a problem. The material is very toxic, but just put it in a big box and it's quite safe. The modern world is full of extremely toxic material - a paint factory can pollute the environment and harm people. But if kept contained the public has no problem with toxic material and nuclear watse is no different. We are looking for a 'disposal' method but that is the wrong way to look at it, we see storage as a temporary measure and disposal as something that makes the waste 'go away' in fact it is the second option which is dangerous. We pump pollution up the chimney of a fossil fuel power station and it has 'gone away' that is a LOT worse than keeping nuclear waste in a big box. It isn't going anywhere or harming anyone.

No new technology or clever science is needed to tackle the NWMO issue, just education.

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