The Nuclear Waste Management Organization’s (NWMO) “National Dialogue on Values” presents an interesting concept. The goal was “to conduct a citizens’ dialogue with unaffiliated Canadians, to help identify the core values that are most important to Canadians” with respect to the disposition and management of used nuclear fuel.

The authors of the report are clearly biased in their views of energy use. This is made most evident from the totally unqualified statement that “Citizens know that current patterns of energy consumption are not sustainable”. There is sufficient renewable and sustainable energy available from nuclear fission resources to sustain and expand current energy use for many generations.

This review concludes that some revealing and useful input from a large group of Canadians was received. However, the selection of these Canadians seems far from random as claimed. The documentation provided on the selection process is not adequate to provide any understanding of how well the group chosen actually represents Canadian values. It is recommended that more documentation be made available to the public.

A detailed review is attached.

Submission on the topic: National Citizens' Dialogue: Responsible Action

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