Daley, Andrew

I wish to express my sincerest thanks to all of you for taking a major step in putting the final nail in the coffin of anti-nuclearism. For a long time the only viable defense they had left to the tide of facts about nuclear has been the "waste" issue.

While I do not agree 100% with your draft report I believe that overall it presents a fair, balanced, socially accpetable, and technically feasible option for the safe disposal of Canada's used Nuclear fuel.

I encourage you to continue you efforts and above all continue to listen to the experts and educate the public on what used fuel disposal actually is. How often perceptions change when the words "dump" or "mausoleum" are not used and emphasis is placed on the engineered and natural barriers in place!

As a last comment I would express a wish that your "phased adaptive" approach explicitly state the possibility of reprocessing used fuel. It is very compelling that today's "waste" could become tomorrows energy source. Even if Canada eventually chooses not to go this road it would be nice to keep the option open.

Until then I agree that the most technically and socially acceptable option is deep geological disposal and I am glad that cooler heads at the NWMO have prevailed and forwarded this approach as well.

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