Harti, Jeff

For me the most important issue is to ensure that the problem that we are faced with currently does not become any bigger. By that I mean that no new nuclear plants should be constructed and that the existing reactors should only be used until for a very limit period of time (ie. the next decade at most) until sufficient alternative supply can be brought on line.

As to the waste that has already been created I believe first that it must be stored in Canada. I think the same should apply to any country that creates nuclear waste. It is our waste and we must deal with it. The best way to deal with this waste in the long term must be carefully considered before any action is taken. I believe that an effective plan must consider the safe containment of the waste first and foremost on a millenial timeframe but it must also allow for the waste to be stored in a way that allows for some degree of accessibility. This accessibility is vital to allow for the monitoring of the waste and for the waste to be accessed if future technological innovations allow for it to be stored in a more safe and effective manner.

This project must take into account the high degree of complexity and uncertainty inherent in its long time frame. Due to this, a tolerance for much uncertainty must be built into the eventual plan and all descisions must error on the side of catuion.

To conclude, the waste must be protected but not buried within the Shield and forgotten. It should serve as an enduring example of the hazards of nuclear energy and its existance should also help to reinforce the need for energy conservation and the development of alternatives.

Thank you.

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