Olson, Don

While attending university and shortly after, I worked in mining exploration throughout northern Manitoba, Saskatchewan and the Territories. First I was involved in nickel exploration, and then I spent a couple of years in uranium exploration (northern Saskatchewan), our exploration camp was located a few miles from the open pit uranium mine on Collin's Bay at Wallaston Lake. We were successful in finding several underground ore bodies that are now being developed and are in production. My actual work involved determining the actual size of the ore body through diamond drilling core analysis and projecting the "zones" of ore from one hole to the next. There is a lot of uranium in the north!

The old Eldorado uranium mine site at Uranium City, Saskatchewan has been mined out and shut down for years, and now many more underground ore bodies are being mined out by Cameco, etc. My comment to you is this:

Why couldn't we put the used (waste) or "spent" uranium from our nuclear generating stations back down underground in the old mined out ore bodies from whence they first came from.

It is safe and environmentally acceptable, and we are recycling it back from where it came.

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