Eno, Robert

The one item that seems to be missing from this equation is the need for more research into the re-processing of waste nuclear fuel and improving nuclear reactor efficiency.

My understanding is that only a fraction of the energy potential of nuclear fuel is extracted in a nuclear reactor; that, in the course of the nuclear reactions which generate that energy, impurities (neutron absorbers) are produced within the fuel which eventually shut the whole process down. For this reason, the fuel bundles must be changed out and disposed of, yet they still have tremendous energy potential if a means could be found to remove these impurities.

It is also my understanding the re-processing of nuclear fuel is expensive, "dirty", and produces a significant amount of liquid radioactive waste which is even more problematic to deal with than the solid waste from which it came.

I believe that the safest and most expedient means to deal with radioactive waste is to place it in deep, underground, geologically stable formations, however, this should be looked upon not as disposal but as temporary storage.

Concurrently, there should be a lot more money and effort devoted to: 1) designing more efficient nuclear reactors and 2) developing an efficient and clean method for reprocessing used nuclear fuel so that most, or all of its energy potential can be realized.

Perhaps, in my capacity as a woefully ignorant member of the general public, I am oversimplifying matters, however, to repeat an ancient chestnut: "where there is a will, there is a way". We have a lot of very bright people in this country. Let's invest in them and in our future by devoting more research dollars into nuclear energy research.

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