Marczak Eva

As I cannot attend the October 2004 information sessions in Pickering Ontario, I will provide my opinion here. I am strongly in favour of the option of safe central monitored deep geologic disposal of used nuclear fuel in a stable geologic formation. I am strongly NOT in favour of storage of used nuclear fuel at the current nuclear reactor sites beyond their generating lifetimes. I believe that the deep burial option can be accomplished safely and in fact that it is the most safe option in the long term. I think it is important to note that used nuclear fuel will decay to radioactivity levels similar to natural rock ores in time. On the other hand, toxins like mercury and lead never decay, and so remain just as toxic to humans now as a million years from now. I wish that as much time and money were spent on worrying about how society casually puts these truly persistent toxins into the air, water and shallow landfill sites as is spent on surveying and debating about used nuclear fuel. The volumes of used nuclear fuel to be disposed of are miniscule in comparison to these other persistent toxins. I am confident that deep geologic disposal can be accomplished safely.

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