Don Hakli

I wish to submit the following for consideration in your plan.

The following should be done as soon as a final site is selected for disposing of the waste and prior to any of the waste being delivered to the site.

All employees being hired to work with the waste should have to submit to a medical examination to determine if they have any signs of radioactive sickness and records kept for future reference.

Physicians in the area of the site should be required to monitor all patients for signs of radioactive sickness and report any such cases to the NWMO immediately.

The NWMO upon receiving such a report must take immediate steps to ascertain the source of the illness and take all steps necessary to correct the problem up to and including shutting the site down if necessary.

The NWMO must be responsible for all compensation to everyone affected by illness or other expenses due to any radioactive contamination arising from the site.

It may be necessary for legislation to be passed to make the duties and responsibilities mentioned above carry any weight in law.

I would like the above comments to be posted on the NWMO website without my address, Email address or phone number.

Thanking you in advance for your consideration


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