Buckingham, Darlene

When are you going to tell the government we have a terrible problem - nobody wants to store nuclear waste in their neighborhood. You know it is going to have to be legislated or forced on a community as we are being forced to accept nuclear energy.

There are millions if not billions on the Planet who want nothing to do with nuclear energy. The only reason it is in use is because of unscrupulous people who lie horribly or make ridiculous arguments that research will show are absurd.

To say nuclear is clean as it does not omit CO2 when using uranium to boil water is a Ma and Pa Kettle argument. It is not befitting of anyone who is intelligent and educated.

Unfortunately too many people trust the governments and the Corporations to tell them the true facts as most people do not have the time to research nuclear energy. BUT THINK OF THE CHILDREN? Is this educating or right to tell the children who trust us and who we are responsible for raising to be informed responsible adults that nuclear energy is safe? How can you continue to participate in the charade. STOP.

Tell the government to stop using nuclear energy now and engage the public in a realistic manner that lets us all know the real danger we are in if we continue to use this technology. Pray that a true intention of peace and the desire to help the planet and the children will produce solutions to this terrible problem.

Thank you.

With peace light and hope

Darlene Buckingham

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