Blais, Elaine

I've read your document outlining the process for the selection of a site for the establishment of " a deep geological repository and associated centre of expertise" for the long term "care" of "used nuclear fuel" and I would like to say NO to you ,to your team,(including the well-spoken blonde),to the Canadian government ( which, contrary to popular belief, is supposed to work for me not for corporations ) and to the advertising experts you consulted(at great expense , no doubt) who advised you to use the term "care" instead of " burying dangerous , toxic nuclear waste "in my community.

I know why you are looking at the Sudbury area as a desirable nuclear waste dump.I know you think you can send people here armed with disingenuous sincerity and your carefully planned and thoughtful non-threatening presentation, who , radiating sincerity, will convince the local rubes that there isn't a thing to worry ! about. I mean nuclear waste is as safe as houses. We contain it so well that you could serve tea off of it to your grandchildren. Right? Nothing can go wrong. The experts all agree. And I'm sure you have expertise up the wazzoo. They will cite chapter and verse. You have studies and indisputable scientific facts to prove that nuclear garbage is GOOD for us, for our community and our economy.

The best, wisest, most prudent course would be for us to welcome the opportunity to become your toxic nuclear garbage dump. ( I can see the tourist brochures now:Welcome to The Nickel Belt.We Glow in the Dark)We should embrace this opportunity to help you out with your little problem.This would , of course , make it so much easier for you to continue producing nuclear waste instead of finally facing reality. The reality being that ever since the first nuclear "facility" churned out the first ton of nuclear waste neither you, nor anyone else, has known what to do with it.

There are now 438 of these deadly facilities worldwide and they all, I suppose ,have a clever marketing team busily at work convincing the locals that it would be a great idea to "care" for the lethal garbage somewhere deep down , hidden away, out of sight, hardly noticeable at all, under their houses for as long as the planet continues to exist or less time if something untoward and highly unlikely and almost guaranteed to never happen , happens.And after all it's only Sudbury after all. It isn't Montreal or downtown Toronto. That would be silly. Those people would never agree to "care" for nuclear waste and besides they don't have any old used up mine shafts or extremely stable geological formations just going to waste under their homes. They haven't got an environment that has already been decimated by corporate exploitation, greed and stupidity; an environment that has only recently begun to recover from the last assault against it. They haven't recently lost hundreds of good paying jobs because a foreign owner of one of their natural resources has had to pull out of the community because the profit base is eroding.(Sorry about that. Better luck next time Oh, that's right. There won't be a next time because you sold your natural resources and now they're gone.)

They aren't ripe for some new short-term scheme to exploit their environment in exchange for some serious long-term pain. Canada may have a plan "for the safe and secure long-term management" of its deadly toxic nuclear garbage but I've got my own plan to "care" for the future of my family, my community and the fragile environment of this , struggling , exploited region . My plan does not include your plan. Instead I'll give you a new plan. Take all your money, power, influence, scientific expertise, vision, paid-for politicians,advertising and marketing specialists and come up with an innovative, efficient,non-polluting, implementable plan for numerous alternative energy installations all over this province. Make it a priority. Get cracking on it right now. Forget about the toxic waste dump thing. it's not going to happen. Not here. Not while there's breath in my body.

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