Demore, Jacy

an issue has come up among the student population at my school. today teachers of math, science and english handed out patitions to oppose the dumping of nuclear waste in our community, much to the support of our students. yet it amazes me how our older more distinguished citizens know little or nothing of the matter. why is this. how is it possible that we know more about the "trouble" our local news station is in due to digital cable than the risk dumping of nuclear waste brings to our town. to choose a city with a considerable amount of blasting, mining and seisemic activity in the area, dumping toxins into our earth is unexceptable. what would happen in the event of a shaft collaps, how would we check to see if the waste has begun to seep. this leaves us open to a disaster that we are not willing to take the chance of having.

Perhaps your "organization" should be re-thought, Nuclear toxins aren't just in need of management they'r! e in need of responsible management. for example selecting a populated area in which the forte is mining is reckless, not only that but i have longed to know why nuclear waste must be kept underground. is it to hide the amount of pollution this is causing? or is it just neglegence in the danger of possibly contaminanting our cities ground water. if you have enough money to pay off a city to poison its self then you have enough money to build a proper ABOVE GROUND facility to store it. not only would this bring comfort to the public but it also adds safety and ease of access, to make sure everything is running accordingly.

with all due respect it is hard enough to trust big buisness to do their job properly when they are under close supervision let alone to travel four hundred feet underground to make sure that things are secure. thank you for your time not angered,disgusted ,

Jacy Demore

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