Turnbull, Ian

August 27, 2008

Dear NWMO I visited your website often in the early days of your consultative process and always liked the way you solicited input from the public, and made your findings accessible and transparent.

I see you have not changed your style. And neither have I, I am pleased to tell you. I made a submision at that time, pointing up the bits and pieces of evidence that lead me to believe the world of the atomic particles is more social and sentient than we have so far cared or dared to consider.

I’ve recently put some of this material on a website, and in a spirit of friendship and shared concern for the issue you seek to address, I recommend the whole theme of this site to you. The URL is: www.nuclearnewcomer.com

I would mention that the ideas that eventually flowered into this holographic account were germinated In Vancouver in the early 80s. I've been developing the whole insight since then here at Findhorn, in Scotland. I have ideas and some experience now about how we might proceed with creating a practical and spiritual approach to the radioactive materials.

I imagine you will have some catching up to do, to look at your work in the way I'm advocating. I leave it in your hands but I'm happy to be a resource, if it is in any way useful.

Good wishes with your project.

Yours sincerely

Ian Turnbull

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