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Mayor and Council of the Township of Ignace sign historic potential hosting agreement with the Nuclear Waste Management Organization

Laurie Swami, President and CEO of the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (right) and Mayor Kim Baigrie of the Township of Ignace sign historic hosting agreement.

March 19, 2024

Toronto, ON


Laurie Swami, President and CEO of the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (right) and Mayor Kim Baigrie of the Township of Ignace sign historic hosting agreement.

Note: The following was issued as a news release by the Township of Ignace on March 18, 2024, and is posted here for information.

Unanimous approval by Council on potential hosting agreement with NWMO is next logical step to determining willingness and information sharing with the community!

At a Special Meeting of Ignace Council on the evening of March 18, 2024, Council unanimously passed a resolution (#2024.03.18.054) that allows Mayor Kim Baigrie the authority to sign an historic potential hosting agreement between the Township and the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO).

The signing of this agreement in no way, either guarantees that the Township will host a deep geological repository for used nuclear fuel, or that a decision on willingness has been made or influenced by either the signing of this agreement or by the NWMO to site the DGR project.

The signing of this agreement is considered the next logical step in the ongoing continuum towards a decision on willingness by the Township of Ignace. The signing of this historic agreement allows the Township, the Willingness Ad Hoc Committee, its residents, stakeholders, and other interested parties to consider the legal, financial, and regulatory implications as data points in moving forward with the willingness process and the determination of a final decision by Council in mid 2024.

“We are proudly the first community in this willingness process to be out of the gate with NWMO by signing this historic agreement for the Township of Ignace. We certainly understand that the signing of this agreement does not mean that we are going to host a DGR or that we have decided as a community on our willingness to host a DGR. What it means is that we now have an accurate, clear, concise, and signed agreement with NWMO of the economic and social components that we must consider as we decide to move forward on willingness”, stated Mayor Kim Baigrie.

The potential host agreement that Mayor and Council have decided to move forward with is the next logical step in the process of staying engaged and advancing information that will be considered in its willingness process to host the deep geological repository in this area. The objective and purpose of the agreement will allow the Township to facilitate the DGR project by building capacities through, but not limited to, infrastructure growth, economic development, social and cultural enrichment, governance as well as accommodate the required tasks assigned to the Township through the regulatory process to host this project.

“Through a constructive and open dialogue, we have worked together to co-create an agreement with the Township of Ignace that reflects the wishes and aspirations of the community - including revitalizing local investments that would create a prosperous path forward,” said Lise Morton, Vice-President of Site Selection at the NWMO.

“Ignace is a strong and resilient community that embodies the unique spirit of northern Ontario, and this agreement reflects that. We hope residents will review the details of the agreement and imagine what Ignace could look like in the future, full of new opportunities.”

There are of course many benefits to hosting the DGR in the area and these benefits will exceed the monitory value of this agreement. This new agreement provides more direct benefits to the community for generations through the complete life cycle of the DGR project. This agreement is similar to and will replace the current Multi-Year Funding Agreement that is in now in place between the Township and NWMO and will not have to be negotiated each year as well as provides a sustainable and balanced approach to planning for the Township.

In the northwest region, Wabigoon Lake Ojibway Nation (WLON) will also have its own willingness process and the Township of Ignace respects that their decision will also be required to proceed.

A summary of the agreement and the full agreement are available on the Township website at

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