The NWMO maintains a strict Code of Conduct. We have also developed a number of key policies that guide our work.

Aboriginal Policy

The interests, concerns, and counsel of Aboriginal peoples have been integral to the NWMO's work from the start. As our mandate progresses, we want to ensure ongoing, active, and meaningful collaboration. We have developed an Aboriginal Policy to inform this collaboration.

Code of Conduct

Employees of the NWMO must adhere to our Code of Conduct. It covers areas such as conflict of interest, intellectual property, and outside business activities.

Environment Policy

Our vision for the long-term care of Canada's used nuclear fuel includes safeguarding people and valuing the environment, now and in the future. To help us continually improve our environmental performance, we have developed an Environment Policy.

Indigenous Knowledge Policy

In recognition of the important role of Indigenous Knowledge in implementing Adaptive Phased Management, we have created an Indigenous Knowledge Policy to help guide our work.

The Indigenous Knowledge Policy was created to ensure we are guided by a clear set of principles as we work with communities and Indigenous Knowledge keepers.

Procurement Policy

The NWMO spends a significant portion of its annual budget to acquire goods and services. A quality procurement process enables us to receive value for money, while ensuring suppliers are treated fairly and ethically.

Transparency Policy

We are committed to being open and transparent in our processes, communications, and decision-making. To demonstrate this commitment, we have developed a Transparency Policy.