The NWMO's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program supports efforts to establish and strengthen collaborative relationships with communities that expressed an interest in learning about the project, First Nation and Métis communities in the area, and surrounding municipalities. We also place a strong importance on engaging youth. We sponsor a range of activities at the local and regional levels, as well as various youth science programs.

Sponsorship of Local Initiatives

The NWMO will consider support for local initiatives in areas involved in the site selection process as follows:

  • In communities that initiated their areas' involvement in the site selection process
  • First Nation, Métis and municipal communities in the immediate vicinity

The program has a maximum investment of $2,500 per initiative. Priority will be given to opportunities that support community well-being. The program also includes a guideline setting our funding limit to no more than 30 per cent of an ongoing program or initiative. Significant and appropriate support and collaboration from other sources, including community support, should be evident.

Sponsorship of Regional Initiatives

On a case-by-case basis, we consider regional sponsorship requests with significant involvement from multiple communities or groups involved in the site selection process.

Sponsorship of Youth Science Organizations

Since 2008, the NWMO has established strong relationships with not-for-profit organizations that support youth and science in regions involved in the site selection process and in provinces involved in the nuclear fuel cycle. Sponsorship of these organizations recognizes the value in encouraging broad-based intergenerational learning. Read more about our Sponsorship of Youth Science Organizations.