The NWMO is engaged in a multi-year, community-driven process to identify a site where Canada's used nuclear fuel can be safely contained and isolated in a deep geological repository.

One of the ways we support the well-being of areas involved in the site selection process is through sponsorships and donations to community organizations and initiatives. Since 2014, this program has supported a wide variety of local and regional initiatives.

Read more about our Sponsorship of Local and Regional Initiatives.

Colleen Shute, from Books in the Bruce, and Becky Smith, from the NWMO, get lots of help from the little ones for the presentation photo.

Books in the Bruce – a non-profit monthly literacy program developed to help create access to reading opportunities for children in the community.

Sponsorship of Youth Science Organizations

Since 2008, the NWMO has established strong relationships with not-for-profit organizations that support youth and science in regions involved in the site selection process and in provinces involved in the nuclear fuel cycle. Sponsorship of these organizations recognizes the value in encouraging broad-based intergenerational learning. Read more about our Sponsorship of Youth Science Organizations.