Implementing Adaptive Phased Management 2008 to 2012

Following the Government of Canada’s selection of Adaptive Phased Management as the approach for the long-term care of used nuclear fuel, the NWMO has assumed a new mandate. We are now responsible for implementing the plan.

We intend to move forward in stages in an open, transparent and inclusive manner, taking the time that is necessary to collaboratively plan and then confirm each step before moving forward together.

As a starting point, we are working to prepare a plan to guide work over the near term. Like all our endeavours, this is being done collaboratively and sequentially. We will move one step at a time, ensuring there is a firm foundation for each subsequent step in the process. We want to hear a diversity of voices as we seek advice and receive direction on the design of our processes and the issues to be explored.

Time has elapsed since we last met with interested individuals, organizations, Aboriginal people and citizens-at-large during preparation of our report to the Government. Now as we begin to assume our implementing role, we would like to invite you to help us take stock and think through first steps.

As outlined in Choosing a Way Forward, our detailed implementation plans will be designed through dialogue. To help launch the conversation, we have prepared a brief concept paper, Preparing for Implementation. It outlines our strategic objectives and poses some questions which may be helpful in starting the dialogue.

We have released Implementing Adaptive Phased Management 2008 to 2012, our annually updated strategic plan. It describes our five-year work program, presenting highlights in seven key areas.

Implementing Adaptive Phased Management 2008 to 2012

Concept Paper - Preparing for Implementation