Township of Nipigon Withdraws From Site Selection Process

On June 17, 2014, the Township of Nipigon passed a resolution to discontinue its involvement as a potential host community for Canada’s plan for the safe, long-term management of used nuclear fuel.

The decision followed review of an interim report, which the NWMO prepared at the request of the Township to report on preliminary assessment work completed in the community so far.

“The NWMO respects the mayor and council’s decision, and appreciates the thought and care that went into making it,” said Kathryn Shaver, Vice-President of APM Engagement and Site Selection.

“The site selection process is driven by communities – that Nipigon has made a decision about its involvement based on scientific and technical studies of geology in the area and social studies completed to date is a clear demonstration of the process working as designed.”

The findings shared with Nipigon have no impact on the 14 other communities involved in various stages of learning. Studies underway in these communities remain ongoing and findings will be made available as they are completed.