APM Initial Screening – Township of Red Rock

As described in the Process for Selecting a Site for Canada’s Deep Geological Repository for Used Nuclear Fuel (May 2010) and at the request of the Township of Red Rock to Learn More about the Adaptive Phased Management program and for an initial screening, the NWMO has had a report prepared that outlines the findings from the initial screening.

The purpose of the initial screening in Step 2 of the process is to determine whether, based on readily available information and five screening criteria, there are any obvious conditions that would exclude the Township of Red Rock from further consideration in the site selection process.

The review of readily available information and the application of the five initial screening criteria show that the area examined during this study is unlikely to contain geological formations that would be potentially suitable for hosting a deep geological repository. The various geological formations within the area considered for this screening are either not amenable to site characterization or unlikely to meet the safe containment and isolation function of a deep geological repository. Therefore, the Township of Red Rock is not considered as a suitable candidate for continuing in the NWMO site selection process.